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Myth or Reality? Is cold weather making my joints hurt?

Arthritis & Cold Weather: A recent study shows rheumatoid arthritis patients were more likely to report tender joints with minimal temperature increase and maximal temperature decrease in the winter.

Temperature alone does not seem to give us the full picture: There is an intriguing interrelation between meteorological parameters and the human body. In Patberg’s review, the conflicting results in the literature on temperature and RA pain association are explained by the temperature-humidity couple and its effects on the microclimate near the skin.

What this study tells us: Exercise raises our skin temperature, resulting in a decrease in pain. In osteoarthritis, both cold weather and increasing humidity worsened reported joint pain.

Can cold weather make my joints hurt? Yes, it looks like cold weather and humidity together can lead to joint pain. With lifestyle modification, regular exercise routine and as needed pain medications, we can help manage increased pain this winter!

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